World Peace and Prayer Day is a cultural directive of Chief Arvol Lookinghorse, the Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman Ceremonial Pipe Bundle, to Honor Sacred Sites and bring unity across cultures for the healing of Mother Earth. This 21-year tradition that promotes co-existence among all peoples and nations began with the prophesied birth of the White Buffalo.

The motto “All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer” has been the vital part in the solution of healing this ailing Mother Earth. Whether it is at a Natural site, a Church, a Mosque, a Temple or a Synagogue, we need all People who truly understand their faith and responsibility for our future generations’ well being to help heal.

World Peace And Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites Day is an international celebration joining worldwide communities of all faiths, nations, races, ages and genders who share concern for the welfare of humanity and the Earth to share in One Prayer.

We will be releasing news on the gathering for 2018 soon.


About World Peace and Prayer Day 2017