VP Engineering

John has been involved in research and development, implementation, and management of new science related technologies in the Greater Boston area for over 23 years. His professional experiences span a diverse range of systems engineering architectures, these include electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, precision mechanical, fabrication to audio engineering with emphasis in discovering the power of harmonic relationships, and their potential in creating highly efficient power generation technologies.

John works directly with Executive Director and CEO Chris LaDue implementing strategies and methodologies leading to the development of alpha to pre-production prototypes. From hands on metal fabrication and machining to 3D modelling in Solidworks (CAD/ CAM), John utilises state of the art tools for rapid prototyping and evaluation of NeoTec’s prototype designs. John’s skills extend into project management in an R & D environment, administration of patent, trademark, and NDA management. He is passionate at conveying the pragmatic principles Chris LaDue expresses through scriptwriting, video presentations for the general public, and for investor relations.

John, also known as Jack amongst his colleagues for his reputation as a “Jack of all trades” is also a professional educator of eight years. Teaching at the post secondary educational level John designs classes to assist students in the fields of Natural Science. Mr. Barakitis conducts and design workshops in order for the student to viscerally experience the sciences of sound and light. Another important tool for the innovation process is acknowledging the power of the spoken and written word. Mr. Barakitis advocates investing in one’s language in order to move past barriers created by words we choose to utilise to describe our observations. Both John and Chris are accomplished musicians, through composition and performing creates the environment for innovation to lead the way in next generation NeoTec Energy technologies.