Executive Director and CEO

Chris is an internationally recognised inventor with over 60 registered patents, many of which have been commercially developed and successfully deployed. Chris’s areas of expertise include theoretical and applied physics, Cybernetic system self-adaptation protocols, telecommunications, and symbolic structures in human and machine language constructs, fractal communication logic, and continuum mechanics of electromagnetic systems.

Coupled with continuum electro-mechanical logic, NeoTec’s technology arose from a synthesis of novel optics designs, telecommunications signalling synchronisation, power signal periodic synchronisation, electrical generator fundamentals, and system control electronics.

The basics of the NeoTec™Technology came from the principles of Electro-Atomic- Signature that Chris worked on in the 1990s, Wave Matrix Mechanics from 2004, and more recently Resonant Communications Transceiver (RCT)-RVDM. Chris is a passionate teacher, and has lectured at universities in Australia and Shanghai China.

Chris is an accomplished musician and vocalist. He began training at the age of seven. He plays drums, and percussions. Chris is also an accomplished video artist. His video work has been broadcast over PBS, and has won notices and awards for his work in the 1980’s. Both John and Chris are accomplished musicians, through composition and performing creates the environment for innovation to lead the way in next generation NeoTec Energy technologies.