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About Us

The Karl LaDue Wodakota Foundation, Inc, is governed by an independent Board of Directors founded in Oregon. The organisation is established as a non-profit corporation with Internal Revenue Service Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) status. We are a grass roots foundation based on principles of self determination supported by individuals and foundations to help educate native youth in their traditions and advanced technologies ensuring a balanced and successful future. Contact:  Email:    Web: Project Accounts: All revenues and expenditures of the organisation are subject to Fee Accountant Services provided by the Certified Public Accounting Company of Dahlin Accounting & Consulting LLC, Medford, Oregon. All accounts of the organisation are subjected to annual CPA audits, with results of audit provided to all funding sources or agencies, as directed by the board of...

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Project Focus

The challenge facing youth in Native Reservations: The focus of this proposal is on the youth of Native American Reservations. There is a great need for our project’s ability to provide life changing experience for character growth and skills instruction to actively counter destructive trends now taking place among our youth. Sadly, 74% of youth in custody in the Federal Bureau of Prisons system are now Native American youth, an increase of 50% over a period of eight years. At midyear 2000, Native American youth accounted for nearly 16% of inmates in custody in Indian country facilities. Alcohol-related deaths among Native Americans ages 15-24 are 17 times higher than the national averages, and the suicide rate for Native American youth is at three times the national average. With a median age hovering just above 18 years, the young are a steadily expanding proportion of Native America, representing approximately 45% of the total Native American population in the State of South Dakota, wherein fully 100,000 Native Americans reside primarily on nine Native American Reservations primarily located in isolated rural areas. On these reservations, Native Americans reside primarily in government constructed rental cluster-site housing communities, wherein poverty has been endured since time of their community’s establishment in the late 1880s following the conquest of the Dakota/Nakota/ Lakota tribes not only by the United States military forces but also by various Christian...

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Program Intentions

This program proposes that native youth of today need relevant and innovative education that draws on their indigenous ways allowing an expression in science and technology that is rarely found in text books. Founder, Chris LaDue, has delved into his inherent native view of nature to create remarkable technology that continues to amaze his scientific and technology peers and industry regulators. This program will merge Chris LaDue’s professional experience and achievements in conjunction with native spirituality and wisdom to empower the native youth of the prophesied seventh generation into deep connection with the natural world and the exciting new technological age. Embracing traditional native ways and directly experiencing design and development through art, sound, light, theatre and of course hands on technological applications. The native youth will gain the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge in order to spiritually and academically restore themselves and their communities. The Seventh Generation This proposal was inspired by the Dakota/Nakota/Lakota prophesies given during the exceedingly hard and oppressive times of the 1800s, wherein it was told that the Sacred Hoop of the People, the sacred tie binding the Seven Fires of the Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota Nations had been broken by endless massacres, starvation, and the United States’ government’s campaign to eradicate this Buffalo Nation. The Dakota/Nakota/Lakota Nations today are direct descendants of the Sacred Buffalo teachings. Understanding their way of life, culture, and...

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