Project Manager

Gerard spent 20 years in the sales and marketing profession specialising in electronics and ran his own very successful company. He developed many skills in business management, development and presentation that provide the necessary elements to enable a business to meet the needs of its customers.

Over the last 2 decades Gerard has closely supported and assisted Chiefs of the Great Sioux Nation with ceremonies and global peace initiatives through NGO’s and in recent times has developed a sustainable building program on the Northern Plains Reservations. With a strong connection to the natural world and deep passion for environmentally friendly living, three years ago Gerard began construction of a rudimentary Earthship on the reservation to be used as a ceremonial lodge. This building demonstrated the basic principles of the Earthship technology to the native people of South Dakota.

It is now planned for this technology to be implemented in a sustainable traditional native educational institute teaching culture and values combined with sustainable technologies and industry. Gerard’s dream is for these projects to be benchmarks for future educational facilities and accessible housing options on the reservations.