This program proposes that native youth of today need relevant and innovative education that draws on their indigenous ways allowing an expression in science and technology that is rarely found in text books. Founder, Chris LaDue, has delved into his inherent native view of nature to create remarkable technology that continues to amaze his scientific and technology peers and industry regulators.

This program will merge Chris LaDue’s professional experience and achievements in conjunction with native spirituality and wisdom to empower the native youth of the prophesied seventh generation into deep connection with the natural world and the exciting new technological age.

Embracing traditional native ways and directly experiencing design and development through art, sound, light, theatre and of course hands on technological applications. The native youth will gain the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge in order to spiritually and academically restore themselves and their communities.

The Seventh Generation

This proposal was inspired by the Dakota/Nakota/Lakota prophesies given during the exceedingly hard and oppressive times of the 1800s, wherein it was told that the Sacred Hoop of the People, the sacred tie binding the Seven Fires of the Dakota, Nakota, and Lakota Nations had been broken by endless massacres, starvation, and the United States’ government’s campaign to eradicate this Buffalo Nation. The Dakota/Nakota/Lakota Nations today are direct descendants of the Sacred Buffalo teachings. Understanding their way of life, culture, and spirituality are dependent on this relationship to nature and the buffalo, as well as all life on the sacred Grandmother Earth.

The Prophecy

The prophecy at the time says, in part:

The Seventh Generation shall come together to mend the Sacred Hoop, to restore the Spirit of the Nations, and unite all Nations to heal our Grandmother, the Earth.

We are creating a solution to provide a platform enabling the Seventh Generation native youth to fully immerse with strength and power in all aspects of traditional culture and contemporary life and technology.


(A traditional Dakota greeting acknowledging that we are all related)